American Badass Activists | The History, Pt. 1 (Video)

The History, Pt. 1 | #TheReal5150 Give Them Something To Talk About

This is the first episode on how Badass activism and the original campaign that started it all. Pt 2 and 3 will be posted soon — and as time moves into memory, more episodes will be created.  Until then, enjoy.

In The End, Even The Middle Class Would Feel GOP Squeeze On Nursing Home Care

By Jordan Rau >> | @jordanrau

cahealth daily

ORANGE, Va. — Alice Jacobs, 90, once owned a factory and horses. She raised four children and buried two husbands.

But years in an assisted living facility drained her savings, and now she relies on Medicaid to pay for her care at Dogwood Village, a nonprofit, county-owned nursing home here.

“You think you’ve got enough money to last all your life, and here I am,” Jacobs said. Continue reading In The End, Even The Middle Class Would Feel GOP Squeeze On Nursing Home Care

Seniors Miss Out On Clinical Trials

By Judith Graham

cahealth daily

More than 60 percent of cancer patients are older adults — and that will rise to 70 percent by 2040.  Yet seniors continue to be underrepresented in clinical trials, making it difficult to assess how treatments are likely to help or harm them.

The newest evidence of the problem comes from a Food and Drug Administration analysis, which found that only 25 percent of patients participating in cancer clinical trials were 65 and older. The analysis, which has not yet been published, was presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting in June. Continue reading Seniors Miss Out On Clinical Trials

Calif. Officials Sound Alarm, Envisioning $114B Hit To Medi-Cal Under U.S. Senate Bill

By Anna Gorman >> | @AnnaGorman

cahealth daily

California risks losing $114.6 billion in federal funds within a decade for its Medicaid program under the Senate health care bill, a decline that would require the state to completely dismantle and rebuild the public insurance program that now serves one-third of the state, health leaders said Wednesday.

Continue reading Calif. Officials Sound Alarm, Envisioning $114B Hit To Medi-Cal Under U.S. Senate Bill

Calif. Planned Parenthood Says It Faces $300 Million Loss Under GOP Health Legislation

By Pauline Bartolone >> | @pbartolone

cahealth daily

Planned Parenthood leaders say proposed Republican legislation in Congress to halt the organization’s funding for a year would lop $300 million from its California clinics  — or nearly three-quarters of their operating budgets.

“This bill is the worst legislation or policy for women in over a generation,” said Crystal Strait, the new president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, on a call with reporters Tuesday. Continue reading Calif. Planned Parenthood Says It Faces $300 Million Loss Under GOP Health Legislation

For Millennials, Both Good And Bad News In Senate’s GOP Health Bill

By Anna Gorman >> | @AnnaGorman,

and Kellen Browning, | @kellen_browning

cahealth daily

Darlin Kpangbah receives free health insurance through Medicaid and is grateful for the coverage in case of accidents, such as when she tore a ligament in her leg a few years ago.

“I feel like I’m injury-prone,” said Kpangbah, 20, who lives in Sacramento, Calif. Without insurance, she said, the injury “would’ve been huge to pay for.” Continue reading For Millennials, Both Good And Bad News In Senate’s GOP Health Bill

Take Action | Virtual Hill Day #Act4MentalHealth [NAMI]

namimentalhealth.jpgDear Member,

Today, there are reports that the Senate will not vote on the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) this week because the Senate does not have the votes to pass the bill at this time. This is good news, but this does not mean the bill is dead.


We still have to keep up the pressure.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan governmental agency, just released its analysis of the bill confirming that the Senate bill takes us backwards.
The CBO report estimates that the Senate bill will result in 15 million Americans losing Medicaid coverage by 2026.

In total, 22 million Americans will lose coverage for mental health care over 10 years.

This is the time to raise your voice and say, “We need more mental health care, not less.”

NAMI’s Virtual Hill Day


Every great movement is fueled by powerful voices. This is the time to raise your voice for mental health and say, “We need more mental health care, not less.”
Join NAMI’s Virtual Hill Day and more than 1,000 NAMI advocates who will be meeting in-person on Capitol Hill to ask Senators to #Act4MentalHealth on Thursday, June 29.

Make a call. Send an email. Tweet.

Tell your Senators to oppose any health reform bill that leaves fewer people with coverage for mental health care. Help us make the mental health movement impossible for anyone on Capitol Hill to ignore.

Click here to view Hill Guide 2017.

Click here to view additional ways in contacting your Senators.

For I am human #autism

The other side

Photo on 20-06-2017 at 16.01 #2For I am human.  (A radical statement to some.) 

And I am capable of every human emotion.

Even as I wake some days I am surprised to find this as truth. For I am othered in the collective consciousness which envelops us all.

I have for all of my years, until the last, swallowed my othering whole, so that I did not know myself as myself at all.

Confronted with myself – I found myself a stranger all the more.

But as time eeks out its knowingness I no longer falter, for I find that I am myself (of course I am) and always was that self buried under a false persona.

Stepping out from under it was like tearing off my shadow.

A false persona melded onto a true heart? Yes – I think so. Yes.

A not unsmall quake of tectonic plates.

Now settling. Becoming.

All humans…

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Glorifying Autism

Rainey Days

Keep Your Cures

Writing my second novel has been challenging. In fact, getting to the point where I was ready to consider writing this story has been a long journey. My work in progress is about an autistic family. Put away your torches and pitchforks. I’m not talking about families who insist on defining their collective identities based on their autistic child/sibling. Almost every member of the family in my story are autistic.

What qualifies me to write such a novel? This is a serious question. The market is flooded with stories written by autism adjacent authors. Social media is full of parents shouting at people like me, accusing us of stealing focus from their children.

I am autistic. My dad is autistic. My grandfather was autistic. My aunt and two uncles were/are autistic. I have autistic cousins, nieces/nephews, and siblings. With all this family and personal experience, I was still terrified of…

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The #autistic medical model makes me sick

Aspie Under Your Radar

iceberg floating in water There’s more to my autistic self and experience than the medical model can conceptualize

Note: This piece is about me — and only me — it’s my deeply considered opinion, based on my own personal experience of inhabiting this planet for over half a century. You’re free to believe whatever you like about the true nature of autism. But this is my stance (right now). If you disagree, write a better blog post and tell me about it. 🙂

Lately, I’ve come across a number of bloggers talking about how autism is more than just a “difference” for them. It’s a genuine disability. They suffer from it. They have family members who appear to suffer intensely from it. Autism is the source of tremendous pain and struggle for them and their loved-ones, and there is no way they’re ever going to sanction autism as a “difference”. It’s too disruptive a…

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Blaming ‘Threat’ Of GOP Health Bill, California Hits Pause On Single Payer

By Carrie Feibel, KQED 

cahealth daily

Single-payer health care, a longtime goal of progressive Democrats and the nurses’ union, is dead for now. No further legislative action will be taken in 2017.

A bill pushing a state-based single-payer system was brought to a halt late Friday when Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, declined to move it forward. The bill will not get a hearing by the Assembly Rules Committee before the July 14 deadline, though it could be taken up again in 2018. It passed the California Senate on June 1. Continue reading Blaming ‘Threat’ Of GOP Health Bill, California Hits Pause On Single Payer