Being #Autistic, the spectrum continues right on over to sexuality and gender

Being #Autistic, the spectrum of differences between us and #Neurotypicals goes right on over sexuality and gender spectrum.

Belonging somewhere in the #lgbtqia (#pansexual#androgynous here) and, non-binary, poly communities, is incredibly common in our #Autistic community and culture.

Many of us hide this from our families as long as possible — we’re already “others.”

Do you know what Bullard High has on campus? At least last time I knew?

An Autism Inclusion Program.

My son went there. Many, many Autistics who identify in lgbtqia (and baby, they were born that way, autistic too) did their school time there.

You must support the personhoods of all students — not just ones that identify with a culture your own. Let us grow with dignity, support and inclusion.

Autistic children and all children are worthy of that.

#dobetter #weareworthy #autisticandproud

Brooke Ashjian Bullard High School Tenaya Middle


From Tower with love.

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