Evolution of Eve | I’m Autistic and Proud (poetry/prose)

By Eve Hinson (almost Reiland)

I’m Autistic and proud

Not afraid to talk about it outloud

And why would I fear sharing that I like me?
All of me, especially this neurodiverse brain of me?

I’m savant with creativity, alive with visual language,
forget the super highway — this brain is an information constellation,
technical ancestor, internet goddess, pattern finder and seeker
keyboard warrior and new media memory keeper.

I don’t give a fuck about sports or square root,
but let’s talk HTML, Social media, incredible hair and . . .
Hot damn, just not politics.

At least not until we find the concentric overlap
of neurotypical and autistic, and define
the shared spectrum of communication
Before we debate this kind of shit.

I’m Autistic and proud

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AUTISM AND DIET – Healthy Food For Aspergers | The Aspie World – YouTube

Here are some ideas and tips on having a healthy diet for someone with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Hey thanks for watching my video more stuff below, 😁👇🏼 . 🎥

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Why Promote & Normalize Them? | Neurotypical Women Bashing an Autistic For Being Featured in Vogue

Milan Fashion Week’s Biggest Model Wants to Change the Way We Think About Asperger’s

Few people had a busier Milan Fashion Week than Nina Marker, the Danish top model who has been present for the week’s biggest events. Whether she was stomping down the runway with the supermodels at Versace, joining the crowd at Angela Missoni’s 20th anniversary collection, or walking for Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi, Marker made her mark.

Given her schedule, it would have been easy for Marker to focus solely on the job, but just before Max Mara, she used Instagram to deliver a hopeful message. Sporting a T-shirt that read “Bee Kind, I Have Autism,” Marker reminded her followers that those on the neurodevelopmental disorder’s spectrum are more than capable of achieving their dreams. “It’s possible for us to be successful and have a good time,” she wrote in the caption. “Stay safe and protect your mind.” . . . Read full story. Continue reading Why Promote & Normalize Them? | Neurotypical Women Bashing an Autistic For Being Featured in Vogue

Autism Is Mostly Genetic, Study Finds | Time.com

“Indeed, when Sandin tracked autism diagnoses over time among the sibling pairs, he found that genetics likely accounts for around 83% of the disorder. That compares to nearly 90% reported in previous studies of twins only. Using the new model, environmental factors probably contribute around 17% to the risk of developing autism.

“This is why it is important to have different study designs,” says Sandin. “We have a family-based approach, and there are other approaches for twin studies and genetics studies. All of them seem to be converging on the same number of 80% to 90%.”

Source: Autism Is Mostly Genetic, Study Finds | Time.com

I’m not just Socially Awkward

Autism and expectations

When I tell people I’m autistic it usually goes one of two ways; either they can’t make me fit into their idea of what autism is and completely reject it, or they mark me down as “socially awkward” and leave it there.

It explains my lack of constant contact, it explains my monologuing about things that interest me, it explains why on social occasions I move around a room like a loose cog in a machine – catching on things, getting stuck in places, jarring against this and that before being knocked into a corner and staying there.

Those are the things about me that you can see. What you can’t see are the other bits; my problems with Executive Function, my never-ending battle with literalness, my lip-reading over auditory-processing, my sensory issues, my affinity with numbers and disassociation with names, and on and on and on.

When people classify…

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If I Had a Book Club



if i had a book club

So, although I’m not in a book club and never have been, I planned out a years worth of reading for one just for fun and thought it might be cool to share this. If I was to actually host a book club, I’d probably edit this a little bit to be more inclusive and interesting. I think book clubs are just an awesome way to share the books you love, and to introduce new books into your life that you might have otherwise not given a second glance.

I am thinking about doing a little one-book-a-month “book club” next year (really, just setting myself a book to read once a month and other people can join in too because I’ll talk about it on here more than meeting up in an online group chat to talk about a book) but this was just fun to do more than…

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My Asperger’s / autism and (my need for) self-defense [Mental Health Monday]

the silent wave

Still peeling the onion. Asperger’s/autism discovery as an adult, for me, has been a never-ending–yet unpredictable–cycle of unpacking and reframing.

Unpack, reframe, unpack, reframe.

I unpack each trait as it hits home, leaving its fingerprint on my core, and then I peer through the retro-kaleidoscope that is my lens and apply the theoretical aspect of said trait to my life. Unpacking (for me) is the discovery of traits and tendencies; reframing is the application of them to their manifestation in real life.

It’s a process. 🙂 The important part is to be patient and allow it to germinate and grow and bloom and unfold and spread wings–and give you yours with which to fly.

Invariably, defense is never far away. After all, how else could I deal with the various expectations and accusations and labels lobbed at me over the years, for which I had previously had no self-expressive words?…

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From Death To Eternity

jake allen sharp

Demons from my past come visiting me

Shadows are cast of distant misery

A haunting ghost I had left behind

Creeps into my soul and into my mind

Soon I am feeling out of control

Body is reeling as the wind blows

My thoughts full of twisted debris

Jesus I know you can calm the seas

My sin will be remembered no more

Removing my guilt is what you died for

Remind me now, I’m washed in your blood

Forgiveness washes o’er me like a flood

Soon I am feeling out of control

Body is cleansed by a crimson flow

Sin crucified with you on a tree

Brought me from death to eternity

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“Good Doctor” Reactions

Cambria's Big Fat Autistic Blog

I am going to put “The Good Doctor” to the test. How stereotypical is it? How real is it? Also, does Freddie Highmore try to create a nuanced autistic man, or does he simply put on the Autism Costume? 

That is what I intend to find out. 

10:00 – A simple routine. Good start.  

10:01 – Mess the hair up. OK. 

10:02 – What’s with the line on the ground? 

10:02 – Saved from the bullies…and we have PTSD. 

10:03 – San Jose Airport: Noisy as can be. 

10:04 – Loud crash. Boy is hurt. 

10:04 – Correcting a doctor. OOOH. 

10:05 – “Not Rain Man. High-functioning. Capable of handling his affairs.” Enough with the labels, doc! 

10:06 – Tamlyn Tomita? She looks great! 

10:07 – Savant Syndrome? OK. I can see that. 

10:08 – Another doctor or…

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The wrong autism!

The other side

I have been thinking about the constant demands to adapt to a neuro-normative culture and be the autistics others would like us to be.

There’s usually a snag.

Being autistic – being diagnosed late in life – is a process (of) unbecoming.

I can’t do what I can’t do, and I can’t be what I can’t be.

Not ‘neurotypical’ with quirks –

I really am autistic.

I’m just not the autistic you want me to be.

Ah yes, and so it is.

Autism is as real as concrete or snow (except it doesn’t melt).

But you need us to fit in to your ways.

Got it. Ah yes. I got it.

I caught it, and caught on.

I’m suppose to be this, that and the other.  All things, in fact.

All things except the one thing I am.

This autism is not convenient.

Not at all.

With regrets and…

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