Things You Shouldn’t Say To People With Autism Or Aspergers

Rude Girl - Living in an Aspie World

I am trying to work out a blogging schedule if you guys havent guessed from my previous posts yet, and once I find one that works and will stick to I will share it. As of right now I think I will be posting an actual or regular blog on Tuesday, Wednesdays or Thursdays. If I don’t have a blog ready or have an idea of what to blog about I will try to fill this gap with something else. But moving on shall we. 🙂

Hello everyone I hope you are having a great day or whatever time zone you are on.

Here are some things that I find are very ignorant and unpleasant to say to autistic people and I am sure the vast majority of the autistic community can agree. Like always I apologize for any cursing that may occur in this post or other things that…

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