Why Autism Speaks Disabled the Review Option on their Facebook Page

Autism Speaks is a hate group that demonises autism and autistic individuals and tries to eradicate the condition that is responsible for human progress (after all, all great innovations are made by autistics). Rather than tapping into the enormous potential of the autistic mind, it forces autistic children to copy the behaviour of non-autistic persons in order to conceal their condition through methods such as ABA, reinforcing feelings of anxiety, inferiority, incompetence and self-loathing.

The majority of their clientele are well-meaning but misled parents, teachers and healthcare professionals, and executive functions are exclusively reserved for non-autistic members. For critics, trying to communicate with Autism Speaks is like banging one’s head against the Great Wall of China, hoping to alert someone on the other side.

Amongst autistic individuals, Autism Speaks is regarded with the utmost contempt, making it the only self-proclaimed advocacy group detested by those it supposedly advocates for.

Autism Speaks’ successful scaremongering has caused a lot of unfounded fears and stereotypes in society, leading to practices from segregation to autistocide. Contrary to its name, Autism Speaks silences the voices of autistic people.

Read article at:  http://franklludwig.com/autismspeaks.html


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