An Autistic Perspective on… Being Referred to as a “Best Friend” for the First Time

Subtle Writes

(Content note: two mentions of fake/toxic friendships)

Hi all,

Today’s post is going to be a little different. The situation I am describing in today’s post happened to me a couple of weeks ago. After originally writing out my thoughts I decided to modify them into a blog post in the hope that this might help somebody whom has been in the position being describe understand a possible cause of somebody’s behaviour. I elaborate on the social situation first with possible interpretations before adding my own.

This is the best way I can work out how to phrase it so please bare with me. You work/study at the same university as this other person that you have been talking to for a while. Somebody whom you’ve found you have lots in common with and that has helped you a few times and vise versa. Someone whom you make some kind…

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