Chris Packham – a watermark moment. #autism #actuallyautistic

The other side

Chris-Packham-November-1987 Chris Packham, 1987, The Really Wild Show  (source Daily Mirror). 

It’s been a little while since I blogged in this space. Life has been busy for this autistic.

I’ve learned a great deal lately in my professional life, mainly about the absolute importance of  working from core knowledge. Congruence is the buzz word right now – and from it so very many good things can and do flow.

This is all very timely and segues nicely into other areas of my life. Viewing the recent Chris Packham documentary Asperger’s and Me  has set the seal on a growing trend. I know it wasn’t a perfect programme on autism per se (I even wonder what such a thing would look like as there are so many ways of being autistic) but it was perfect for Chris.

Many will point out that this was a white male perspective (as ever) and…

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