Growing Up With Undiagnosed Autism (Warning: Long post)

Rude Girl - Living in an Aspie World

So this is going to be a really long post. You have been warned. For those of you who do read the whole thing or most of it, thank you and know I really appreciate it. Okay here we go…

“Aspergers…That is like a mild form of autism right? So no big deal. Why are you complaining?”

I know autism can be much more severe or for parents who have children on the low end of the spectrum. Believe me, I am grateful. However, growing up with high-functioning autism can be really tough because children can be mean and when you are just different enough to stand out, that’s all it takes. Furthermore, not knowing what the problem is makes it worse because you are not doing any of the therapies or getting any kind of help that other children on the spectrum are doing to help manage their condition…

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