Hello, My Name Is Human…(My Sunday Song)

Rude Girl - Living in an Aspie World

I thought while I am at home I will post my regular Sunday song. My day was quite good although I did feel off, restless and anxious this afternoon, but overall it was nice. Woke up around 9 am ish to my husband making me coffee and breakfast. He was actually going to make me breakfast in bed, but I forced myself to get up as I was falling back to sleep. xD It was a really nice treat. Tried to relax as much as I could today, but we had to run the regular errands and pack before going back for another week to our home away from home. Except it doesn’t feel like home. Haha. Now we are getting our last fix of Wifi before taking off in the morning and drinking wine. Thankfully this should be our last week as the guys don’t have a lot left…

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