Adulting With ADHD: ADHD 101

So Much Stranger, So Much Darker, So Much Madder, So Much Better

Hello! Welcome to my new post series Adulting With ADHD. Over the next several weeks, I will be posting a series of articles all about ADHD with a particular focus on adults with ADHD.

Over the past couple months, I’ve had a few people in my life learn that they are ADHD. Unfortunately, when I tried to find things online to help them out, most of what I found was geared towards children. Almost every post about managing ADHD is written for parents of ADHD kids, echoing the common misconception that ADHD is a kids’ thing.

Yet, ADHD is a lifelong condition that may not even be recognized until a person is an adult. So where are all the resources for those of us who are adults trying to do this whole adulting thing with brains that work differently from what is considered typical?

In the absence of such…

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