Cigar Topic: Gluten-Free Pairing Options and JNV Habano Box Press Review

The Inked Autist

So a gluten-sensitive friend of mine made a comment along the lines of “you always make drink recommendations with your cigars, do you have an gluten free recommendations?”

Actually yes I do. I myself tolerate gluten just fine (obvious as I drink copious amounts of beer and whiskeys of different kinds) but I know several people are in fact intolerant to gluten so I think it’s only fair I list some gluten-free options to enjoy with your cigars.

Of course, coffee goes without saying. For me, I love a nice breakfast blend/light roast coffee in the morning to go along with a mild/medium bodied cigar to get me into the day and awaken my palate. If I get the opportunity to have a lunch break cigar I’ll go with a darker roast coffee and something more toward the medium side of the spectrum without being too much. A nice espresso…

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