Hot Digital Shaman: New App Wavepaths Guides Users Through Therapeutic Trips

The last time I dropped acid alone was 14 years ago, and I swore I’d never do it by myself ever again.

But a few weeks ago, I spent ten hours alone with a blindfold over my eyes, headphones capped over my ears and LSD molecules plugged into my brain, listening to music in solitude. I’d done LSD plenty of times, but never blind and motionless. I wasn’t worried I’d freak out – I thought I would go crazy with boredom. Instead I found myself crying cathartic tears for so hard for so long, I had to use two blindfolds because the first became soaked through.

I was testing a new form of technology that combines generative music – a style of music that is made not by a strict set of instructions like with sheet music, but by a set of rules that allow for ever-changing creations – with AI software being developed by musician Brian Eno and neuroscientist Dr. Mendel Kaelen from London’s Imperial College.

via Wavepaths App Guides Users Through Therapeutic Trips – Rolling Stone

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