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Blood Money, Soldiers of Greed

jake allen sharp

Blood soaks the ground where the cash crops grow

No one is around to report so no one knows

It profits the man with no concern for his soul

This cursed land burns in our hearts dark as coal
Blood money rules the world and it always will

Riches can be made when there is blood to spill

Soldiers of greed march into battle for a price

The way of the world isn’t pretty, it is not nice
Slaves once worked the fields, abused for riches

Some lay in unmarked graves among the ditches

And now to meet the need of our changing world

The demand isn’t for cotton, it is for teenage girls

Blood money rules the world and it always will

Riches are made when there is innocent blood to spill

Soldiers of greed march into battle for a price

The way of the world is wicked, how…

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These Breaths I Take

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

shutterstock_466429562somewhere I’m here

sometime you’re gone

on way or another, I fear

tomorrow’s song

pushing me away

I live to fight another day

poisoned are the breaths I take

on the dark side of the moon my true self lays

see, I’m a menace

but that you’ll never see

because I try to keep everyone

thinking of how good I can be

instead of how lost I am

I do care what you think of me

I say I don’t just to seem tough

but if I were

I’d kill myself

and make all the bad memories

go away


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Lies Swirl Down Your Throat

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

2060ae8a46b54cd365df64083ebc0b2eI don’t ever take credit

for what I do

I won’t ever take credit

for what I’ve done

I’m just a sinner like you

under the eyes of a watchful sun

broken and bewildered

I claw at every day

one day I’ll break the ribbon

one day, when I find my way

compliments can fall

for hours they may laud

but as long as I’m true to myself

I’m free from it all

Stares don’t ignite

anxious flames alight

foul tempers run amuck

but in carefully placed glances are stuck

because I’m not who I was

this time last month

so kiss that bottle

and let the lies swirl down your throat

because they choke at my indignation

in the rear view goes their exclamation

I feel free from the weight

and they can never hold me down

because while I feel alone

my friends aren’t far now

when the…

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Brilliance And Insanity

jake allen sharp

I have often said, ‘There is a thin line between brilliance and insanity.’ I have lived my entire life in the vicinity of that line. I have come close to it several times. In those times I feel like I’m on the brink. My thought patterns begin to alter. I start, just for a moment, to see the entire world differently. It’s beautiful. Those moments are so brief that I scarcely have time to complete a thought. I step back from the line afraid to cross it. I wonder what it is like on the other side. I wonder if I will ever cross over into brilliance.

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Prescribed To Addiction

jake allen sharp

I made it all my life without medication

I was having trouble with my concentration

Doctor said I was ADHD inattentive

he said “I have a prescription I’m gonna give ya”

He was surprised that I made it this far

Said my assessment was off the charts

There would be a difference I could feel

I wonder if its worth it and take another pill

I was prescribed to addiction

Addicted to prescriptions

I feel it wreaking havoc on my mind

But without it I feel lost

And my body pays a cost

Symptoms of withdrawal are not kind

I can’t even make it through one day without medication

I am thinking hard about my current situation

I made it all the way to Graduate school without it

Secretly I hide my addiction, afraid to admit it

Every month I run out of meds a little too soon

So sick…

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The Monster You Keep Inside

jake allen sharp

Ignore the monster but it won’t go away

Its there in the shadows at the end of each day

It’s the part of you that you try hard to hide

Made of the darkness you bury inside

It is the feeling that weighs on your mind

It is a beast that you keep confined

Scratching at your skin it tries to break free

To consume every shred of your humanity

Careful to keep the beast in it’s cage

You feed him the words you wrote on a page

Words written in with blood from your soul

Close eyes and sleep, the monster is under control

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Spoken Word | Badass Activist (Eve) at the Mic with “I Am Autistic & Proud” & “Chaos & The Quiet”

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Trapped In A Cage Of My Own Making

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

902afba9ef0a24951883bab0c0292360--fighting-depression-quotes-depression-and-anxietyno words are said

but you know what I’ve done

I could try to hide, try to run

but I’d be wasting our time

I might as well confess

then at the crest of the truth

I sink down and swallow

Another green lie

Another blue deception

I’m falling for you out of desperation

the water swirls around my mouth

the disco turns silent now

and the chorus of discord

rings in my head so loud



I am animal

trapped in the cage of my own making

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Hate Flows From The Heart

jake allen sharp

Hate flows from the heart and poison is on your lip

An arrow hits its mark as your venomous words drip

Feeding the fire with fuel, the flames grow and grow

The conflagration rages until it is out of control

And we wonder why we feel like we are always on the edge

We push each other ever closer to a dangerous ledge

We only want to hear echos of our own voice?

Is our moral compass based on the loudest noise?

Tolerance preached by the left, but is always contradicted

You don’t tolerate any view but the one you scripted

The most extreme views on both the left and the right

Flow from the same source, the enemy of the light

We become confident in our ignorance and think we know it all

Reinforced by popularity, but pride comes before the fall

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That Was You, America

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

I felt something die

again today

my eyes at the unforgiving

nature of humanity

beating and burying

who don’t agree

my ears at the screams

of the living dead

we see them everyday

but who knows

until ends

my heart at the catastrophe

raging over every part

of our world

when will we look up

and realize peace has been staring at us

all the time

tears flow like the blood

of Israeli children

may the bombs one day cease

sadness stings like knives

cutting through flesh

may the mutilation of multitudes of muslim women end

I felt something  die

and that was you,


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The Cold World (Outside America)

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance


cold world

we live in a cold world

rising temperatures have the oceans

whipping up super storms

destroying lives, stealing homes

and we scream catastrophe

yet we murder those

before they’re even born

and we scream humanity

because it’s progress giving women power

to pick and choose who to kill

we’re America and yet we behave like savages

it’s a bitter pill, seeing the death at record rates

far from a thrill is the torrid pace

we’re racing towards war, China, Japan

and North Korea

but good forbid your last name is Lee

hate to be ya, wouldn’t wanna see ya

when the blood starts raining

I won’t tell who’s black, white, or green

when the nukes start dropping

how many will think it’s another Hollywood dream

there is no green screen

that’ll protect you from the fall

so I learn and grow while I have the chance

before the…

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