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Steve Brandau | Stigma-smearing affects us all & stigma kills

Wow, thought the commentary here was horrid. Fresno City Councilman Steve Brandau simply lacks class and compassion on Twitter. There are already laws in place for vandalism, trespassing and the like.

Those seeking housing support run out of shelter availability over time — and have another year or two before housing support happens. In between — solution is living homeless on the streets. <– this is the willfulness you speak of? Continue reading Steve Brandau | Stigma-smearing affects us all & stigma kills


When the homeless lady comes out of the bathroom and had eaten she is given the other girl’s chair and promptly tries to go back to sleep.

At which point they come in saying lets go the doctor released you. You have to go now, if you go now you’ll get a bus token, but you have to leave now. She is begging to stay a bit longer.

This shit box with no AC is like torture to me and for her it is safety. My heart breaks.


To Steve Brandau | We’re begging for help & This is our help (pt 1)


Often I get emails, messages, video chats with others about their experiences with mental illness and associated services. Received a message about the care at Exodus, the crisis hospital for those with severe mental illness.

Here’s a snippet from a person who recently experienced for the first time the crisis 5150 process:

I mourn for those that sat in the recliner before me that did not survive due to the shit care you receive there.

I think 9am or so rolls around and they are calling people out. I notice something about these people. (the men are in the same building occupying 2 or 3 other recliner rooms) anyone of them could have entered our room at any time and no one would have noticed).

All of the first round of people being seen are clearly homeless. Finally they force a woman who had been sound asleep in her recliner since before I got there to make her go to see the doctor.

She just woke up, she is complaining about being hungry, so hungry she is shaking.

She is begging for a shower and underwear, she was on her period and her period blood was all over her and the recliner she was in.

They fought with her, “No just go see the doctor now so you can get out of here”.

She says no, I need this, I am not safe out there. Please feed me and help me.

Finally they give her a box with some food, I did not see what and let her go wash up in the toilet shower room. they lock you when you need to use the bathroom or shower.

While she was away, another patient decided she wanted the chair of the lady on her period and she sits on it, in the blood of the other lady, and they just come over and say that is not your chair.

She argues, and they say fine you stay there now. They did not make it sanitary for her and they knew. Continue reading To Steve Brandau | We’re begging for help & This is our help (pt 1)

Fresno City Councilman Steve Brandau Shames Local Homeless Folks on Facebook

This is WRONG – shaming people on Facebook and as a member of Fresno City Council, Steve Brandau.

Shaming the poor, the ill, the homeless, the mentally ill, the downtrodden, and posting photos of humans and locations — are you setting them up for trouble too? WTF are you doing?

I’m so fucking pissed. WTF is this? #TheReal5150 are worthy of better than this fucker.

Please tell me you all get this is WRONG? my hands are shaking im so pissed off right now. Where’s our help asshole? My lifestyle choice is activism. Just wait.

Fresno Homeless Advocates American Badass Activists


Fresno’s “Wonder Woman” in the mental health community has my vote for NAMI California Board | Christina A. Roup-Valdez

Fresno’s “Wonder Woman” in the mental health community has my vote for NAMI California Board.

15000689_10211502122372501_527409261058486779_oChristina A. Valdez-Roup is an incredible advocate, educator, speaker and mentor in our Central Valley community. Her support has been instrumental in my recovery process and so many other peers that I know.”

Eve Hinson, Founder of

The work Chris does with law enforcement, first responders, students, our Vets (and so many more to break the stigma of living with a severe mental illness), create positive system change and provide hope – it’s life and community changing.

Chris facilitates the positive change we seek in mental health community, services, support and education. She does this with an advocate’s passion powered with lived experience and peer voice. For as long as I’ve known her, she does this everyday.

“Chris has also been instrumental in helping the Fresno Autistic community identify and begin to address our intersectional complications with mental illness treatment, access to crisis help, and peer support. She has facilitated opportunities for Autistic peers to learn to self-advocate and find peer support via NAMI programs.

She is an autistic ally.

A vote for Chris is a vote for peer voice and peer leadership.

NAMI Fresno NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) #AutisticAlly#PeerLeadership #peervoice #nothingaboutuswithoutus #weareworthy


Fresno’s Mental Health Community Wonder Woman a Candidate for NAMI California Board | Endorsed (A Vote for Chris is a Vote for Peer Voice!)

Christina A. Valdez-Roup | Executive Director, NAMI Fresno

Core Competencies / Expertise

Sectors: Business, Non-Profit, Education, Law Enforcement
Competencies: Financial and Fundraising
Region: Central California

Member of NAMI Fresno County

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Candidate’s plan to help NAMI California move forward:

Become one of the most accomplished mental health organizations in the state

“Since joining NAMI Fresno, I have recognized the value of collaborating in our community and have worked towards building strong partnerships with key stakeholders. We have grown in our capacity to deliver support groups, classes, and many presentations, both signature and customized to help reduce stigma and educate our community as a whole. As our awareness and presence have been elevated in the Central Valley, we have become the point agency for agencies such as law enforcement,

school districts/educators, hospitals, mental health providers, criminal justice leaders, families and loved ones. Through these efforts and with the national and state recognition of our organization, I have moved from a role of presenters for our part of the Memphis model CIT training to becoming an active and true partner in this project with our first responder lead, American Ambulance. Continue reading Fresno’s Mental Health Community Wonder Woman a Candidate for NAMI California Board | Endorsed (A Vote for Chris is a Vote for Peer Voice!)

Note of Warning to Autistics (via Nico Ian Nicholson)| Problematic Authors Seeking Interviews on Intersection of Queer/Trans and Autistic Identities

ATTENTION AUTISTIC/ND FOLK! Read this carefully. This is important.

Eva Mendes, MA, LMHC and Meredith Maroney, MS are contacting Autistic people, particularly LGBTQ+ and racialized Autistics, and asking them to participate in interviews for an upcoming book project to be published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

The email will state that the book is about the intersection of queer/trans and autistic identities, and any accounts included will be anonymous.

Mendes is particularly problematic because of her book, “Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Asperger’s Syndrome.” It contains a great deal of pathology-based language, including “theory of mind” and “emotional intelligence” nonsense that suggests that Autistic people in relationships must be the ones to change.

RECOMMENDATION: Refuse to participate. And PLEASE SHARE WIDELY, especially with LGBTQ+, POC, and racialized Autistic people. — Nico Ian Nicholson


Note of Warning To Autistic Community (via Nick Walker) | Anti-Autistic, Anti-Neurodiversity Documentary Alert

Dear Autistic Community & Allies: John Donvan & Caren Zucker, authors of the book “In a Different Key” – a book that promotes anti-autistic bigotry and abuse of autistic children, and deliberately smears and misrepresents the neurodiversity movement – are making a documentary film which they claim is “about the neurodiversity movement.”

Obviously, this is going to be another anti-autistic, anti-neurodiversity hit piece. If you’re pro-neurodiversity and you allow them to interview you for this film, you can bet the footage will be edited and presented in a way that misrepresents you and makes you look bad, just like they did to Ari Ne’eman and others in their book.

Best thing would probably be if all of us just completely refused to talk to them or be filmed by them.

Please share this information freely in the community – there are plenty of people in the neurodiversity movement with whom I don’t personally get along and with whom I’m not in direct contact, but who still need this information because they still deserve better than to be tricked into appearing in a film that will ultimately be used to undermine their work. – Nick Walker