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Autism Affected by UBER London License | The Aspie World – YouTube

This is a video on the reasons why the cancellation of Uber’s licence in London will have a massive affect on people with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. Hey thanks for watching my video more stuff below, 😁👇🏼 .

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MY SENSORY CRATE UNBOXING – Sensory Box For Autism Review | The Aspie World – YouTube

My sensory crate is a new subscription box for people on the Autism Spectrum.

Here I unbox the first my sensory crate box. Hey thanks for watching my video more stuff below, 😁👇🏼 .

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Fluorescent Lighting & Cheap Sunglasses – How I Stopped My Migraines Without Medication – YouTube

I’m not saying this will work for everybody but cheap tinted glasses from have changed my life. Doctor’s couldn’t help me but my amber glasses stop my chronic headaches/migraines caused by bad lighting/light sensitivity.

My glasses are amber, but some people like blue, pink, or green. Some may need darker glasses and others may only need a slight tinting. Please be aware you may go through SEVERAL pair of glasses before you find the ones that work for you – IF this works for you. It may not work for everybody.

Check me out:

#ActuallyAutistic Adults | Are We Being Silenced by a Community Business Organization for Profit?

Why are #ActuallyAutistic adults so successfully diminished and minimized by Autism Speaks?

This non-profit organization for Autistics is so powerful our they’ve trampled our #ActuallyAutistics voices and Civil Rights for over a decade now. The rottenness of this community business organization is common knowledge in the Autistic community, and yet it relays like a science-fiction plot to the general neurotypical world.

Why Does Autism Speaks have a Shit-Ton of Money and Power?

Autism Speaks reported a 10 million dollar year-over-year loss in donations for 2016, an 18% reduction. Yup, that’s a helluva lot of money and yet, only 18% loss. Still a shit-ton of money there folks. The loss was reported to changes in the business organization’s MSSNG research program, and a dip in funds raised at the Autism Walks.

And Again . . . no media mention of the #REDinstead campaign and #ActuallyAutistics. You know the folks protesting the fundraising walks and creating awareness of the Autistic Civil Rights Movement? No questions from mainstream media reporters on how the #ActuallyAutistic community feels about the change or the impact felt.

Finally A$ does something to modify their mission — albeit lip service — and #ActuallyAutistic advocates and their impact are still NOT included in the stories.

Of course, A$ never addressed the negative culture, community bashing and hellacious stigma they prompted on #ActuallyAutistic people this past decade with their war to eradicate Autism. Also, no notes to this being the same culture Autistics are still suffering, battling and protesting today.

Pffft, and you know there’s no mention of A$ groupies (converted neurotypical parents) either, that actively claim “Autism” culture as their own, force their version of it down Autistics throats and then bash us for not wanting a “cure.”

This prompts some questions . . . 

  • Do many non-profit organizations use their money and power to actively go against their target demographic, like Autism Speaks does to #ActuallyAutistic?
  • How does a non-profit become this mighty so quickly with fundraising and legislators?
  • Where’s the money coming from and where’s it going?
  • Who profits the most from A$ donations? Which companies/organizations are receiving A$ money?
  • Better yet, this question: How the fuck did this organization become so powerful to silence us all?

Ahhh, let’s go back to the founders – Bob and Suzanne Wright.

Bob Wright was a former NBC executive, president and CEO from 1986 to 2001, and chairman and CEO from 2001 until he retired in 2007. 

Prior to NBC, he held several posts at General Electric in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, and served as GE’s vice chairman until he retired from that role in 2008.

Suzanne Wright was his wife. Both were grandparents to an Autistic grandson.

The Wrights’ founded the Autism Speaks organization, within a year became experts on Autism, and then merged with Autism Coalition for Research and Education in 2005, National Alliance for Autism Research in 2006 and Cure Autism Now in 2007.

This here is an attempt to follow the money and the power of The Autistic Silencers. (Or at least start get a visual of what #ActuallyAutistic are up against in their fight to be heard.)

Defining The Autistic Silencers as businesses/organizations/money/power connected to Autism Speaks that are complicit in silencing our #ActuallyAutistic voices. This is the beginning of this project– and the list below is not in anyway complete. More will be added as known.

#ActuallyAutistic Activists VS. The Autistic Silencers 


Starting with Bob Wright, immediately Autism Speaks is different than other grass-roots organizations. A$ was co-founded by a mighty powerful man in the media industry.

His wife, Suzanne Wright, and his views defined America’s understanding of Autism. Their dark-marketing of the invented Autistic apocalypse created a cult-like following of neurotypical parents that demand their views, beliefs, goals and identity were more important than the #ActuallyAutistic community.

These parents identified with the mission of battling/defeating Autism, identifying themselves as “Autism Families,” and demanding that their invented version of Autistic culture was correct. Even creating a fashion, beauty and lifestyle Autism market geared to non-Autistic parents of Autistic kids.

So here is the wall-of-power related to Bob Wright and A$ (so far) potentially blocking #ActuallyAutistic voices: 

This list is just the start. So far these are companies have direct connections to Bob Wright. These are the voices we’re trying to be louder than — at the very least. Are they suppressing our #ActuallyAutistic voices too? Who makes the most profit from our silence?

Here are a few . . .  this page is work in progress, but starting to see what we’re up against in mainstream media?








“The president made a promise to the late wife of his friend Bob Wright that he would light up the White House in blue if he won the November election, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said.” – via The Hill

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Prisoners With Serious Mental Illnesses Held In Isolation For Up To Six Years. Where? In Federal Prisons. – Pete Earley

(10-16-17) Public outrage about how Americans with mental illnesses were treated inside state mental hospitals helped spark de-institutionalization. So where is that anger and fury now when it comes to abuses of Americans with mental illnesses currently being warehoused in our jails and prisons? This week, the Chicago Sun Times newspaper reported: “Thousands of  (IllinoisClick to continue…

Source: Prisoners With Serious Mental Illnesses Held In Isolation For Up To Six Years. Where? In Federal Prisons. – Pete Earley

Aspie Moments #2: Walking off the chart

Counting the Ways

This weekend I bought the latest issue of “Country Walking” magazine. I’ve been reading that publication on and off for years. I do enjoy walking and nature and the countryside, although there are reasons why I don’t actually take that many country walks, but that’s for another post.

What I really wanted to tell you is that I have signed up to the #walk500miles challenge, promoted in the magazine. You can pledge to walk 500 miles by end of June, end of September or end of December, starting 1st April. It’s up to you if you want to count every bit of walking you already do on an ordinary day, or if you only want to count the extra bits – to an extent, you make your own rules. I thought this would be a neat way of getting a bit fitter. I’m not terribly unfit, and I do…

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Aspie Moments #1

Counting the Ways

This is not a proper post, just a little thing that happened to me today and which is too long to squeeze into a tweet. And #1, because I anticipate that there will be more of these moments for me to report on.

So, my colleague has been developing new signage for our workplace, and came to me to ask for my opinion on his revised draft. He said: “You know when you walk into the gallery and face the door, and you’ve got the big T-shaped sign up ahead and the other one as you walk in…”

Obviously, by this point he had already lost me. This sort of verbal description of a physical space is something I really struggle with. Add to that that I was a bit hazy about what the T-shaped and the other sign were and where “up ahead” was meant to be, well, you…

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Press Release | The Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s 11th Anniversary Gala is coming up


Asan logo main

Colorful flowers %283%29
Wednesday November 15, 2017
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
at our new event venue:
The Hamilton
600 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

Join us for our annual celebration and fundraising event at The Hamilton in Washington, DC. Dinner and dessert will be served and a reception will precede dinner. Proceeds will support our advocacy work and programs for the coming year, and allow us to continue working to empower disabled people across the country.

We’re proud to announce Alison Barkoff as the 2017 recipient of our Ally of the Year award.

Alison Barkoff is the Director of Advocacy of the Center for Public Representation. She works on policy and litigation related to community integration and inclusion of people with disabilities. She is a co-chair of the Long Term Services and Supports Task Force of the Consortium of Citizens with disabilities and has helped lead CCD’s advocacy to protect Medicaid.

She also served as an appointed member of the federal Advisory Committee for Competitive Integrated Employment of People with Disabilities and helped start an Inclusion Task Force in her home school district. Previously, she was Special Counsel for Olmstead Enforcement at the Department of Justice, where led work to enforce the right of people with disabilities to live, work and receive services in the community. She also worked with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to finalize the Home and Community Based Settings Rule. She has an adult brother with an intellectual disability and has been involved in disability advocacy most of her life.
Keynote Speaker: Judy Heumann

Service to the Self-Advocacy Movement Award: Anita Cameron

Additional honorees and speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

For more information about gala sponsorship opportunities, contact Jean Winegardner at


Social Class May Influence Autism Diagnosis – Disability Scoop

Even as autism prevalence has increased, new research finds that the likelihood of getting diagnosed with the developmental disorder remains largely tied to socioeconomics.

Source: Social Class May Influence Autism Diagnosis – Disability Scoop