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Netflix ATYPICAL SEASON 2 ANNOUNCED | The Aspie World – YouTube

A new season of Netflix Atypical has been announced! Hey thanks for watching my video more stuff below, 😁👇🏼 .

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The Good Doctor Continues to Infantalize its Autistic Character


The Good Doctor Image Description: Promotional poster for the upcoming ABC show, The Good Doctor. The title appears in blue over a grainy black and white image of half of series star Freddie Highmore’s face (he is a young white man with dark hair). In contrast to the black and white, his eyes are a vibrant blue.

After watching the second episode of the new ABC series The Good Doctor (you can read my thoughts on the pilot here), I am left wondering if Dr Shaun Murphy could possibly have gone to medical school. He has a vast understanding of certain aspects of medicine and biology but no real comprehension of practical application. It leaves me wondering how he could possibly have completed a medical degree without apparently ever having been in the same room as an actual human patient.

This episode really makes Shaun seem like an alien who has never…

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My Autistic Opinion of Netflix’s ‘Atypical’ | The Mighty

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Netflix’s new show “Atypical,” which revolves around how one fictional family experiences autism. Being “atypical” myself, I was waiting patiently to watch and review “Atypical.” Before the show even aired, there was controversy in the autism community about how Keir Gilchrist, the actor who plays an autistic high school senior named Sam, is not autistic himself. Autistic actors such as Mickey Rowe, who plays an autistic character on Broadway, commented on the controversy when he reviewed the first episode. Further, no autistic people were consulted for the show. How could I not want to watch it?

Source: My Autistic Opinion of Netflix’s ‘Atypical’ | The Mighty

Alternate Atypical: Reimagining Netflix’s Atypical if it were Written by Actually Autistic People | crippledscholar

I have now completed watching all eight episodes of the first season (it ended on a cliff hanger so they’re clearly angling for a second) of the Netflix series Atypical.It goes without saying that this post will include spoilers and quite frankly you’re welcome. Now you don’t have to watch it.The show is in a word terrible. The autistic character Sam has no perceivable personality and is largely just a collection of autism diagnostic criteria and stereotypes. His only driving factor is to get a girlfriend.Pretty much all of the characters are irredeemably awful.

Source: Alternate Atypical: Reimagining Netflix’s Atypical if it were Written by Actually Autistic People | crippledscholar